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Alternatives to one time only use disposable food packaging

Week 19 of the living natural project takes a look at a reusable alternatives to the one time only use disposable food pouch.  I also share other ways to switch to reusable alternatives. 

At the start of this year my family agreed to consciously move away from food contained in one time only use packaging and find reusable alternatives.

The newest addition to my house are these reusable squeeze pouches. I’m not sure what it is about yoghurt in squeeze pouches, but my kids just love them. We stopped buying them this year and I tried putting yoghurt in a containers with a spoon for kindergarten, but that got real messy. We lost spoons, the containers leaked or it would go back in the school bag half eaten with the lid half on. And I can tell you now warm yoghurt stinks. I think my expectations were too high for my 4 year old boys. 

I looked into reusable pouches awhile back and thought they were a great idea. The one I recently purchased is the my lil pouch (pictured in the photo above). 

What I like about the pouch is it’s affordability, reusability and recyclability. Yep, it can be recycled when it’s worn out. It’s also BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. 

Custard and smoothies would also be an awesome snack in the pouch.

Here are some other ways we have made the switch from one time only use disposable food packaging to reusable alternatives:

Sandwich, rolls & wraps

Switched from cling wrap to reusable sandwich containers. 

Variety packs – biscuits , museli bars chips, rice crackers, cheese and crackers

Switched from individually wrapped snacks to buy in bulk or homemade in reusable snack containers. 

Variety packs – juice and flavoured milk 

Switched from juice or milk in single serve bottles or cartons to buying in larger quantities and storing in reusable drink containers when out and about – otherwise we drink it from a cup. 

Fruit and Vege

Switched from purchasing fruit & vege in plastic bags to bag free. 

Biscuits and crackers 

Switched from plastic wrapped biscuit and crackers to buy in bulk or homemade and stored in reusable containers. 

Dry dog food

Switched from purchasing dry dog food in thick plastic bags to restocking at the local pet store using my own container. 


Switched from non recyclable disposable coffee cup for reusable keep cup – check out my post on disposable coffee cups here. 

Toilet paper

Switched from single length to double length toilet rolls. I use iCare and it’s surprisingly not rough. 

Soft drinks

Switched from purchasing soda water in single use bottles to using a soda stream (this was a Christmas pressie – best ever) with reusable bottles and refillable gas cylinders. 

Ice cream

Switched from store bought ice cream to home made in my ice cream maker (this was another Christmas pressie – another best ever). 


Switched from store bought beer to home brew in reuse bottles. My hubby is a fan of U Brew It. I’m heading there next time to check out their operation.

And let’s not forget about buying in bulk. The amount of plastic entering our home has dramatically decreased through buying in bulk by using either paper bags (and reusing) or using my own containers. It may sound like more work, but it really takes no time at all and it does save $$$. I’m exploring reusable bags, so stay tuned. 

I’m a total gobbledok and have a thing for chips and also enjoy chocolate. The kids have a thing for weetbix. So there are some things I still purchase in plastic packaging and forgo making at home. But I do make sure these items can be recycled. 

And there you have it. Some simple ways to reduce waste by switching from food in one time only use packaging to reusable alternatives.


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