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A few simple switches to a more sustainable flush

Now my toilet is squeaky clean, week 21 of the living natural project looks at some simple ways to reduce my toilet waste and my impact on the environment…one flush at a time.

I’ve been buying double length toilet rolls for a while now. It’s essentially buying toilet paper in bulk – 8 rolls in 4. It halves the number of toilet roll cores and it halves the number of times the roll needs replacing (hallelujah). The one I buy is iCare. It’s made from 100% recycled and unbleached paper. It’s also Aussie made. So it gets a big tick from me. 

There is one issue. It comes in plastic packaging. In a bid to reduce the amount of  plastic packaging coming into my home, I switched over to Safe toilet tissue. It’s double length, 100% recycled, no dyes or fragrances, biodegradable, Aussie made and it comes in paper packaging. And it gets the planet ark thumbs up. 

I feel another hallelujah coming on. 

Too easy! 

I’m sending a letter to ICare to see if they’ll swap the plastic packaging for paper. Stay tuned for their response. 

I also found some good tips over at Change My Footprint to make my toilet experience even more eco friendly like using less sheets of paper. 

2 sheets does the same job as 4 right?

Fair point…..

Or use the small flush button. It uses half of the water and when you need more you can always hit it again.

I use the small button for number ones, but it hadn’t occurred to me to use it for number twos….

Change My Footprint have so many great ideas to make small or big changes to live a more sustainable life. Check them out here

And there you have it. A few simple switches to a more sustainable flush. 

If you need to give your toilet a good clean, check out week 20 post – how to clean a toilet naturally. 


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