Sustainable Living

Sustainable living in the backyard

Week 23 of the living natural project takes a look at sustainable living in my own backyard. The family is putting on our green thumbs and starting a seasonal veggie patch. 

We’ve enjoyed growing herbs, chillies, chives, tomatoes and the the odd fruit and veg with a respectable amount of success. But never really planted the garden for seasonal harvesting. 
There is a reasons behind our delay in planting a sustainable veggie patch. Our family enjoys backyard cricket on Christmas Day. Many life decisions have been based around this game being played once a year. The houses we buy must have a good sized lawn, the growing of a veggie patch must not encroach on the pitch, a sandpit or cubby house must not obstruct the game. 

All that changed on the weekend. After many discussions, hubby and I agreed to convert a significant wack of the backyard cricket pitch into a veggie patch. I’m really excited about producing seasonal foods for the family to enjoy. 

We developed a plan using a seasonal planting guide to establish our first season of fruit and veg. Here is a simple planting guide for each state in Australia. 

The plan came into fruition on the weekend when the entire family started digging up the grass to make way for the veggie patch. It was bloody hard work, took longer than expected and to be honest, I was a bit sick and actually didn’t do much of it at all. Hubby did all of the digging and managed to remove the grass. Over the coming weeks we’re going to turn the soil and add nutrients so it will be ready for planting.

Here is a before and after pick of the grass removal stage. 

And there you have it. A fun way to get sustainable in your own backyard. I’ll continue to post as the garden progresses. 


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