Sustainable Living

Save the shoes! 

Week 24 of the living natural project takes a look at saving our shoes. 

In 2009ish I bought a pair of super fabulous leather boots. They were hands down the coolest boots I have and will ever own. They set me back a pretty penny, but I knew they were worth the investment and would stand the test of time. 

And in 2017, they are still the coolest boot in my wardrobe.

The only problem with my super fab boots was their new found love of talking. Ok, so they don’t really talk. But the soles at the front had come away and looked like their were permanently in mid-conversation. I was now in need of some new boots. 

Or so I thought. 

I dawned on me that I could save my boots and take them to the shoe repairer. They were able to replace the sole at the front and the heels and finish it off with a polish. 

To be honest they look as good as new and with any luck will last another 8 years before the next repair. 

Here is a photo of the repair to the sole and final product.

And there you have it. A simple way to save our shoes and give them a second life. 

Next up for repair is my broken leather bag. 


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