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Alternative to plastic toothbrushes

Week 25 of the living natural project takes a look at an alternative to plastic toothbrushes. 

I was surprised to read at the War On Waste plastic toothbrushes and containers for dental floss and toothpaste can only be recycled through a free program run by terracycles and colgate.

So don’t go throwing these items in the kerbside recycle bin. 

This got me thinking….is there an alternative to plastic toothbrushes?  

You bet there is….it’s the bamboo toothbrushes!!!

Bamboo has so many great benefits. 

Firstly, bamboo is strong, it grows super freaking fast, it keeps growing shots from its root so there is no need to replant.

It’s one super resilient plant. 

I picked up my first Go Bamboo toothbrush from my local eco shop Waste Not Want Not. It features a bamboo handle and nylon 4 biodegradable bristles. What’s so neat about this product is that it will break down in the compost bin within 3-4 months. I read somewhere you can nail the toothbrush into the lawn and it will compost away. 

What a great idea! 

Ive been road testing this beauty for over a week now and my teeth feel just as cleans as they did with my old plastic toothbrush. 

And there you have it. A simple way to help reduce the 30 million plastic toothbrushes making their way to landfill each year. 


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